Top Cities to Visit in Bolivia

If you’re going to Bolivia you’re likely wondering, “What exactly travelers do there?” We have the answers for you. All you have to do is keep reading and you’ll find out about some fantastic attractions and activities in four of Bolivia’s most popular cities: Sucre, La Paz, Santa Cruz, and Potosi. From mines to tours to beaches and the nightlife, you’re going to learn some valuable information that will help you make your trip to Bolivia the trip of a lifetime.

What To Do in Sucre

Start in Sucre by checking out the museums, such as Museum of Indian Arts and House of Liberty Museum, which are filled with art and culture, so you can start to understand the culture and heritage of the people around you in your place of holiday. You’ll also find some beautiful art which you’ll want to take pictures of, so don’t forget your camera if you can take it!

Make sure you’re getting to take pictures of some nice landmarks too, like Church of San Felipe Neri, and Cal Orck’o (dinosaurs!). The Little Eiffel Tower is also a great point of interest for many visitors.

Take your outdoor activities in a very specific order. Start dry at Simon Bolivar Park and get wet at The 7 Cascades (waterfall of your dreams). Finish up at another waterfall called Salto Para and feel lucky that you got to have such a beautiful and fun filled outdoor experience.

If you’d like to be a part of the nightlife, go to Mito Discotheque, and El Fortin Karaoke to party hard and then settle in for the night.

La Paz

La Paz is a very popular location. Start out at Urban Rush Bolivia to get some excitement and adrenaline rolling. Go to Huayna Potosi to climb a mountain. Afterward, head to Tiwanaku ancient ruins, which are mysterious and give people a thrill.

Ski at Chacaltaya Ski Resort, and then take some pictures at Plaza Murillo and Jaen Street. Head to the Museum of Musical Instruments (they actually let you play some ancient ones) and then over to the National Museum of Art to see the more traditional culture show.

End your site seeing in La Paz with a trip to Valle de la Luna, which is an amazing stone park, and then have a nightcap with Le Rogue Club or Jazz in Sopocachi!

Santa Cruz

If you want a truly beautiful outdoor experience, Santa Cruz is your perfect destination. Start at Ruta Verde Tours, which will take you on a boat along the water so you can site see. Head over to Biodentro Guembe Mariposario to see the butterfly garden as well.

Take a drive down Santa Cruz Road, and then head over to Duda Bar for a fun first night experience.

If you want to go through the city, take a trip and snap some shots of Santa Cruz Cathedral and La Higuera, and then go to taste some famous chocolate at Manjar de Oro. Afterward (wait 30 minutes) head over to AquaLand for an awesome Bolivian water park experience, and you can even go to Santa Cruz Zoo or Parque El Arenal to see some great sites of wildlife.

Take another tour at Samaipata & Amboro National Park and then settle down with a night at Mento Café bar which offers both culture and drinks, and a very comfortable atmosphere.


Start in Potosi at Cerro Rico, and then head to Santa Teresa Convent Museum. These are some great sources of cultural and historic information that you shouldn’t miss out on! They’re also some really great photo opportunities, and you’ll want to take plenty of pictures so you can convince more friends to come along with you next time.

Next you can go to Parque Nacional Torotoro, which has everything from caves to dinosaur tracks and you’re sure to be completely thrilled by what it has to offer. If you’d like another hiking option go to Tarapaya and hike along those hiking trails before heading over to San Francisco of Potosi Convent and Temple as well as Plaza 10 Noviembre and San Lorenzo Church to take some more photos!

Now you know the four most popular places in Bolivia and what exactly to do their. Know that we’ve only listed the most popular activities, and there’ll be plenty more to keep you busy for weeks if that’s what you intend to do!

Bolivia is typically pretty warm, but be sure to at least take a lightweight jacket and some thick hiking boots to help protect you from the sun and any water you may encounter along the way on your hikes. Bolivia’s a popular destination location and no wonder why. You’ll love it!