Sur Lipez

Sur Lipez is a place of beautiful lagoons, thermal geysers and magical colors. Caused by high volcanic activity it became a home of different extensive minerals. A mountain area in a past has been changed into rock and salt deserts that are nicely decorated with multicolored water lagoons and volcanoes.

Sur Lipez is a province located in Southern part of Bolivia, which borders with Argentina and Chile. The place is a famous gateway from busy cities and stressful life as it is almost uninhabited. The only place that can be called a village is San Juan, which has the only attraction – a chapel, placed in the center of the cemetery. The village is famous for its spiritual aspect; located in the middle of nowhere it hides various secrets like Chulpas Burial place, which is said to be a place where 2 mummies were found.

Surely, the major attractions of Sur Lipez province are lagoons. Among the most famous are Laguna Colorada, Laguna Canapa and Laguna Hedionda. Laguna Canapa is one of the most visited places by tourists in the country. You may recollect it from a popular Discovery Channel commercial with thousands of pink flamingos that bath in a blue waters. Laguna Hediona is less popular due to the foul smelling but is very archeological and scientific ways.

The last one is Laguna Colorada, despite losing its charm of wild adventure it became one of the most popular lagoons in Sur Lipez. Today it is the only lagoon that has high quality accommodation, food and even night entertainment.
Those of the bravest tourists continue their journey from Colorada to the geysers. In order to arrive in time tourists wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning, when the temperature is – 15 degrees below zero. In an hour and a half everybody is in geysers de Sol de Manana. When it comes to a sunrise the freezing night turns into a wonderful and a warm day with thousands of little volcanoes erupting from earth.

Heading to the main destination in Sur Lipez – Laguna Verde one comes across thermal springs. And although the temperature outside is rather negative no one can refuse a truly luxurious bath in a thermal spring with +30 degrees above the zero.

After a nice bath in thermal springs, tourists continue their journey to Laguna Verde. In total it takes about 2 days to get there but it is definitely worth the efforts. Laguna de Verde is located on the 6 000 meters above the sea level and can be honestly called a natural masterpiece: majestic turquoise color lake and a mighty Licancabur volcano (which crater is the highest eco-system in the world) make the scene absolutely breathtaking.