Free Things to Do In Bolivia

In the vibrant city of La Paz, a stroll through the colonial area of Calle Jean will reveal beautiful and impressive architecture and old buildings, and it is completely free!

Motorised vehicles are not along the street; it is for pedestrians only, so is a hassle free place to enjoy the views all around. The quaint narrow cobbled street contains a number of delightful lanterns as well as the stunning buildings. Some of the buildings are now home to interesting Bolivia museums, although some of these museums do charge an entrance fee. Take a peek though, as the vast majority of museums and art galleries are indeed free to go inside – the chances are that you will find some great free museums along Calle Jean. This also applies to the rest of the country, so you can get your fill of culture, history, and local education at one of the country’s various museums and art galleries.

Also in La Paz there are some great markets that cost absolutely nothing to peruse and window shop. There are many great products for sale, including fresh produce, handicrafts, clothes, household items, souvenirs, and more. If you did want to pick up a few trinkets or mementoes, these markets are ideal. Even if you have no intentions, however, of purchasing anything, the markets still provide a few hours’ worth of entertainment, looking at the variety of products and watching the buyers and sellers doing their business. They are busy, lively, and heaps of fun.

Some of the best include the frenetic El Alto market. The area is home to one of the largest concentrations of native and indigenous people in the whole of the South American continent, meaning that you can have a great cultural experience here as well as being able to enjoy the market. Many of the indigenous vendors wear the national and traditional costume whilst working. The unique, interesting, and mysterious Witches Markets also allows you to gain greater insight into the Aymara group.

Around Bolivia, there are numerous splendid and fine churches. Almost all of these offer free entrance. You can still enjoy those that charge a fee from the outside for no cost. Many have nice peaceful gardens where you can take a breather in serene and lovely surroundings.

Bolivia is a prime spot for hiking and trekking. Whilst you will need to arrange, and pay for, transportation and accommodation, trekking is a free activity – unless, of course, you hire a guide or enter a national park where a fee is payable. A lot of Bolivia’s stunning landscapes, however, can be enjoyed for no cost.

Sucre is absolutely crammed with excellent examples of fine colonial architecture. You can take a wander through the various streets, simply looking around, admiring what you see, and soaking up some culture. And all for free!  There is also a nice park near to the heart of town, which is ideal for a short rest, before continuing with your city explorations.  The city is also home to an abundance of great museums, many of which are free, and some very charming churches.

Admire the iconic and looming statue of Jesus Christ who looks over Cochabamba. There are various points across the city where you can get great clear views of Jesus. Bolivia has many rivers and waterways, and a walk alongside these provides a very calming experience. You may spot some different wildlife along your way, or see local boats bobbing about on the waters. Any local people you meet on your walk are sure to be friendly and curious. You need not break the bank when visiting Bolivia – check out the local press on arrival to find more free options for your adventures.