Top Bolivia Restaurants

Bolivia is not like New York where you can find a restaurant at every corner, but it can treat you with amazing Latin-American dishes. Great dinning, pleasant time, sparkling evening, all this can be found in Bolivia.

To try exotic dishes, this country is perhaps the best destination as it boasts a wide range of spectacular restaurants.

La Paz is well-known as a cosmopolitan city, where there are numerous restaurants that may fit any budget and preferences.

For fast food lovers, Prado district is the best option. Here you may find grilled chicken as well as lots of pizza restaurants in Calle Illampu.

The most popular restaurant chains are in Sopocachi and Calle Sagárnaga that offer numerous international restaurants with the finest selection of tapas, sushi and fondue.

Top Restaurants in La Paz and Santa Cruz


The list of Restaurants in Santa Cruz De La Sierra can boast of such such place as Michelangelo. It is the best Italian restaurant in this city. It offers an exclusive menu of meat, seafood as well as homemade pasta.

The filet mignon served with wine sauce should not be missed. The décor is elegant with a great outdoor area for dinning. It can be the best place for romantic evening with an intimate atmosphere and fireplaces.

Tambo Colonial

Presumably, Tambo Colonial is the next worth visiting dinning place in La Paz. It’s situated in Hotel Rosario. It offers tasty salads and spicy food. The grilled beef should not be missed while you have lunch here. Even more, treat yourself with tasty Bolivian dessert, known around the world as Manjar Blanco. The prices will definitely suit your budget. On average, the lunch costs start from $6 and higher.

El Hornito

El Hornito is an irreproachable restaurant, offering the finest salteñas you have ever tasted. Even if you are not meat lover, here you will discover the real taste of Bolivian food. In addition, it offers a good selection of vegetarian dishes. 

For those who love healthy food and keep their fit, Alexander Coffee and Natural restaurant can be the best destinations for healthy dinning in La Paz. Alexander Coffee make your morning pleasant with the finest breakfast, aromatic coffee with delicate pancakes and healthy salads. Plus, it offers numerous vegetarian dishes, among which is quinua wraps. This wonderful dinning place can be found in Sopocachi.

Natural Restaurant

It offers relatively cheap prices. The breakfast will cost you around $ 3.00. The menu includes a great selection of fruit salads, sandwiches, muesli and yoghurt.

Café “El Consulado”

Is known as the best place for gourmet lovers, offering salads with goat’s cheese as well as a quinua burger. Treat yourself with crispy cakes, fresh juice and bacon muffins. You may enjoy the food not only inside but in a marvelous garden.

The Star of India

Apart from traditional dishes, Bolivian restaurants offer Indian cuisine as well. It is the best place for those who love spicy food. The menu is full of great selection of Indian dishes such as vindaloo, kormas and tikka masals. With its pleasant atmosphere and Indian music, you can even forget that you are in Bolivia. Stay in Bolivia and at the same time feel the spirit of Indian culture.

Kuchen Stube

Is known as German bakery that offers a wide range of cocktails, fresh juices and fruit pies. The most popular dish is almuerzo that is served with each dish. The most amazing feature of Kuchen Stube restaurant is that it serves French cuisine on Monday, Italian on Tuesday, German on Wednesday, Bolivian on Thursday while on Friday it offers veggie options. So think what cuisine you want to try and simply pick up the right day to visit  Kuchen Stube.

Restaurant Paladar

Is renowned as the best quality restaurant. It became a popular place for dinning among Bolivian people. The menu offers a lot of traditional dishes which are mostly prepared with rice and beans. Among the most popular are feijoada brasileira and different fish with sauces. This fascinating restaurant can be found in Sopocachi.

Dinning in Bolivia is a great experience though no one can even have fewer expectations from this amazing country.