Famous People of Bolivia

One will be surprised to find out that many familiar names of famous people belong to Bolivians. The country has rased several generations of prominent writers, actors, models, sportsmen and philosophers. For your further education below is a short list of the most famous Bolivians who shook the world with their talents.

Simon Bolivar

It is believed that there wouldn’t be Bolivia if not Bolivar. Simon Bolivar is one of the country’s founders. He is also called the father of Bolivia because the country was actually named after him. Simon Bolivar was a president of Bolivia from August 12, 1825 till December 29, 1825. He played an important role in the foundation of political, economic and cultural life of the country. He was the one to start a great independence movement against Spain.

Bernando Guarachi

One of the most famous sportsmen in Bolivia is a mountain climber Bernando Guarachi. He was born in the suburbs of La-Paz. He has climbed the highest peaks of Andes Mountains and the highest peak in North America – Mount McKinley. He is also the first Latin American to climb Mount Everest. His achievements were estimated all over the world. Today he is still considered to be one of the most famous climbers.

Roberto Suarez Gomez

Roberto Gomez is the most famous criminal not only in Bolivia but all over the world. He might be recognized by his nickname – “king of cocaine”. He was the most powerful drug dealer and trafficker in the country. His story laid a base for a famous movie “Scarface”.

Simon Patino

Simon Patino is historically the richest person who had ever been in Bolivia. He might be recognized by his nickname – “Andean Rockefeller”. He was born in a poor family of mestizos in the early 1900’s. He was one of the first to build mines in Bolivia. Moreover, he made a made a billion dollar fortune out of the industry and became one of the wealthiest persons in the world.

Marco Antonio Etcheverry

He was a football player and a great trainer of the Bolivian national team. He was born in Santa Cruz in 1970. He played in several football clubs of South America where he gained world fame. Very soon he was bought by US club – DC United, where he played for about 8 years. He was often called “El Diablo”- the devil due to his speed and incredible ability to overcome his opponents on the ground. His team was a winner of the US World Cup that took place in 1994. In a present time he works as a coach of a Futbol 7 club for Athlets.

Dominique Peltier

One of the most beautiful women in Bolivia, Dominique Peltier was born in Cochabamba. She is a world famous super model. She has also gained a title Miss Bolivia in 2008. She has participated in the Miss World Competition the next year (2009) in Bahamas.