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Top Bars in Bolivia

Whilst South America’s Bolivia is not a country that is known for its night life, it is possible to find some great bars and fun spots in most of the major towns and cities. A number of places operate to serve foreign visitors and expats, and there are also, of course, the places that cater to the domestic population. The main areas for nightlife are La Paz, Sucre, Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba, although you will almost always find somewhere in Bolivia to hang out, meet people, and have fun.

Wildlife of Bolivia

Bolivia boasts a vast and diverse assortment of wildlife, with a large number of different creatures calling the country home.  There is also lots of diversity in the country’s flora, with many beautiful and unusual flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs, as well as those that are more common throughout the continent. 

Bolivia is home to the largest variety of different bird species for any landlocked country in the whole entire world, and it is something of a haven for those who like to enjoy some bird watching whilst on vacation. 

Off the Beaten Path in Bolivia

South America’s Bolivia is often said to be the Tibet of the continent. It is the area’s least explored places, and it also has the largest concentration of indigenous people. Whilst it can be said that many places across Bolivia are off the beaten path, there are still some places that see even fewer visitors and give the impression of being untouched, unvisited, and completely unspoilt. The eastern part of the country sees a lot fewer visitors than places in the west. To really venture to new places in Bolivia, you will almost certainly need to have your own form of transport.

Top Unusual Bolivian Attractions

South America’s Bolivia is home to a terrific assortment of attractions and activities to pique all interests.  Whether you want to stroll around colonial towns, escape into the wonderfully scenic areas and be at one with nature, cycle along the world’s most dangerous road, visit indigenous markets, see ancient sites, and more, you will certainly never have time to feel bored in Bolivia!  There are some places that could be considered slightly unusual and away from the typical tourist trail – why not add some of these to your Bolivian travel itinerary?

Top Ten Phrases for Travelling in Bolivia

The main language spoken in Bolivia is Spanish.  Whilst there are some variations between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish, a good understanding of either will be of immense help on either side of the Atlantic. There are other languages spoken amongst indigenous groups, but most also speak Spanish.

Some phrases and words that will help you when travelling include:

Cycling in Bolivia

Bolivia is quickly gaining popularity as a top spot for cycling. Whilst the old road between La Paz and Coroico, known as the infamous Death Road, is one of the most well known places to cycle in the country, there are plenty of other great cycling spots in the country. The high and windy road clings to the hillside, twisting and turning perilously through the mountains.


The central western Bolivian region of the Yungas has long been hailed as one of the natural gems of South America. This rich and wet patchwork of rocky karsts and thick rainforest forms the transition between the fertile farming plains in the west and Bolivia’s Andean ceiling. This is a land of roaring waterfalls, sheer drops and hanging vines, all punctuated by leafy human settlements that spring up from the forest floor like organic protrusions that are indelibly surrounded by wild nature at every turn.

Top Archaeological Sites in Bolivia

Bolivia is home to a great many interesting archaeological sites, originally constructed by ancient and fascinating civilisations.  They are in various states of decay and preservation, come from different time periods, and have been discovered over the course of many years.  Some are firm favourites on the tourist trail, whilst others are relatively recent finds and still being excavated by archaeologists.

Bolivian Handicrafts

Hand crafted items all around the world are a way of expressing culture through items. They are also a way to preserve culture and educate outsiders. They are made using skill and care, and typically include items such as clothing, accessories, ornaments, pieces of art work, and may sometimes include products that have been made using recycled goods.

Art in Bolivia

Bolivia is home to lots of intricate and detailed rock art. The art work dates back thousands of years.  Indeed, it is believed to go back several millennia. It is associated with pre-historic civilizations. The, mostly, symbolic images can be found in caves, on boulders, on rocky outcrops, on ledges, and in enclaves. This type of rock art is also known as petroglyphs. A petroglyth is an image that has been created by removing sections of a rock surface. This can be achieved by carving, picking, cutting, and abrading. Some of the scenes depict hunting activities.